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Flannels for Quilting

With so many fabric choices for quilts, why stick to only cotton? Flannel has become a popular option for quilts and not just for the backing! With the variety of prints, patterns, and colors now available you can piece a beautiful quilt top out of flannels. Read on to learn why flannels are one of our favorite fabrics for quilts.

Easy and Durable

Working with flannel is a delight for quilters of all skill levels. Its slight stretch makes it forgiving for beginners, and the fabric tends to hold stitches well, contributing to the overall durability of the finished quilt.

Extra Cozy

Flannel's association with warmth and comfort makes it a popular choice for seasonal quilts. Fall and winter-themed quilts, in fun seasonal prints, bring an extra layer of coziness to homes.

Absorbent and Practical

Beyond its use in quilting, flannel's absorbent nature makes it a practical choice. Flannel is often used in baby quilts, ensuring a soft and gentle texture against sensitive skin. Additionally, flannel quilts can be ideal for outdoor use, as the fabric's absorbency helps maintain a dry and comfortable feel even in damp conditions. Turn your quilt into a picnic or beach blanket at any time! It’s important to pre-wash all your flannels to ensure there is no shrinkage in your final quilt.

At High Country Quilts, we carry only the best flannels. Our flannels are tightly woven with a high thread count for a finer weave and softer finish. Visit us to see the thousands of flannel options we have in stock. We carry only the best from Maywood Studies, Marcus Fabrics, Robert Kaufman, Riley Blake, and more! Flannels are affordable and a great value provide high impact in any quilt.

When it comes to creativity and comfort, flannel is an ideal choice!